A Push-Button View into IT Racks

Cavea Identification introduces an innovative concept and technology for system-wide Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM).

The entire solution is based on standard components.

 Innovative Features:

  • Seamless integration in logistics and business management applications based on standard UHF RFID technology.

  • Broad read range from a few centimeters to several meters through the application of standard UHF RFID tags.

  • Almost real-time capturing of asset data, available space, tracking of components.

  • Capturing of every component in a 19'' rack: servers, USVs, routers, etc.

  • Worldwide localization and tracking of components from a central site.

  • Seamless integration with work-flows and almost real-time monitoring of service tasks.

  • Very easy to install, even in already operational racks.


What is possible now?

IT Asset Management does not start or end at the rack door.

Dynamic RFID DCIM is a lot more than inventorying and tracking.

Where are the benefits?

Dynamic IT Asset Monitoring is a cost effective and robust implementation.

Cavea RFID DCIM has emerged from many years of experience of development and implementation of RFID solutions.

How does it work?

RFID tags reveal not only what is in the rack, but also how much space is occupied and where.

Cavea RFID DCIM is an innovative UHF RFID solution for IT rack inventorying and capacity planning.

What is needed? 

The complete solution is based on standard UHF RFID components.

Compatibility with future versions and technology secures investments and allows for long-term planning.