What is needed? 

The complete solution is based on standard UHF RFID components.

Compatibility with future versions and technology secures investments and allows for long-term planning.

RFID Reader and LOCFIELD® RFID Antenna

Capturing all components in a fully installed 45U rack requires only one LOCFIELD® UHF RFID antenna connected to a small RFID reader with fairly low output power. This ensures interference-free operation and avoids false reads–even without rack doors. The RFID system can be mounted very easily. Upgrading already operational IT racks can be done within a few minutes while systems are running.


Only standard UHF tags of various sizes, depending on the asset dimensions, are used. The customer has the choice of:

  • buying the tags from a preferred vendor.

  • using tags which have already been applied by the IT component manufacturer.

  • ordering the tags directly from Cavea Identification in a complete solution package.

Special tags for on-metal application might be necessary which are in the standard portfolio of several manufacturers. They are based on the Class 1 Gen2 UHF standard.