What is possible now?

IT Asset Management does not start or end at the rack door.

Dynamic RFID DCIM is a lot more than inventorying and tracking.

Dynamic Asset monitoring allows efficiency and productivity improvements in management and operation of centralized data centers and distributed sites alike. Savings can be realized that are not achievable with currently available technology.

Inventorying and Audit

On pressing a button from a central location an inventory can be conducted over all locations at any point in time. The data center is thus audit-able without any additional effort.

Optimized Resource Planning

Individual steps need not be documented or entered manually into systems. As a result, employees can concentrate on more important tasks, particularly highly qualified professionals can focus more efficiently on their work.

Optimized Work-flows

A specific mounting space can be allocated already when ordering a server and blocked for a certain time period. A notification is triggered when this rack space is temporarily occupied or when the particular server is not found within the reserved time slot in the rack at the right place.

Dynamic Capacity Planning and Configuration Management

Queries like: In which rack is a free slot of 4U?, can be correlated with power consumptions in order to find the ideal mounting position. The result is based on almost real-time data of the physical inventory not incorrect, outdated spreadsheets.

Localisation and Tracking

Through consequent usage of passive UHF RFID tags, an IT component can be identified at almost any point outside the rack. A seamless information flow between  procurement, logistics, DC operations and auditing organizations enables a degree of efficiency and planning precision not achievable in the past. This is the basis for achieving service levels at highly competitive price points.

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