How does it work?

LOCFIELD® — The antenna generates a localized electromagnetic field.


Key Concept – Coupled Mode Operation

An electromagnetic field follows the antenna. Only a negligible fraction of the field is radiated.
  • The antenna typically looks like an ordinary coaxial cable—and in most cases can be treated as such.

  • A radial electromagnetic field is generated around the antenna, wich decays—depending on the reader power—over a short distance. Depending on the RFID tags being used, a read range of up to 2.5 m can be achieved.

  • The EM field is generated on the left end of the antenna shown above and runs back towards the feed point on the right. At a short distance before it reaches the feed point it is absorbed by a blocking element.

  • In this way a homogenous traveling wave is continuously stimulated forming a perfect read or energy zone for RFID or Wireless Communication or energizing of Smart Sensor Networks around the antenna.

  • The EM field follows the antenna along any complex 3D path, sharp curves or bends, and even if the antenna crosses itself.

  • Only a neglible part of the EM field is radiated. Consequently the antenna does not cause reflections or unwanted reads even if it is mounted close to a metal surface.

  • The antenna tuning is maintained in almost any mounting position or environment.