LOCFIELD® Freeform UHF Cable Antenna

An innovative UHF RFID cable antenna technology, wireless communication and energizing of sensor networks for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Stimulating engineering creativity—exciting new features enable flexible and precise designs of RFID read zones and custom tailored solutions especially in those areas where wireless communication is extremely difficult.

The LOCFIELD® UHF antenna is a specific type of coaxial cable antenna available in frequencies up to 6 GHz. It can be manufactured in various diameters and lengths. The electromagnetic field follows the cable irrespective how complex its path may be. This leads to unique new features and opens up an almost unlimited spectrum of new possibilities:

  • 3D shapes of almost arbitrary form

  • Variable lengths in the range from ~30 cm to ~10 m and more

  • Installation in metal enclosures or even onto metal surfaces

  • Coherent read read zones along the antenna path

  • Read range precisely adjustable in the range from 1 cm to ~1.5 m, simply by variation of reader power

  • Fast and simple installation, e.g. like mounting a cable

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